Multi-Service Gateways


As Enterprises embark upon the migration towards IP-based communications, a wide range of media gateway solutions are required to meet these requirements. SIPHON offers a comprehensive range of IP Gateways platforms to meet the needs of service providers offering managed services to their enterprise customers, as well as enterprises looking to deploy their own in-house systems.


Multi-Service Gateway solutions available from SIPHON provide the essential interface between VoIP networks and legacy telephony equipment, TDM PBXs, and the PSTN. They support a wide variety of digital and analogue telephony interfaces with flexible density options to suit any deployment ranging from 2 channels to 2,016 channels, which can be connected across a multitude of access networks.

To accompany its gateway range, SIPHON provides a comprehensive suite of Multi-Service Business Routers (MSBR) providing business communications service providers a range of all-in-one devices to support converged data and voice connectivity. This enables advanced data services to be provided for small to medium sized business and enterprise customers (SMB, SME) when accessing hosted services.