Service Management


Service Management is a solution from SIPHON which is focused on accelerating the enablement and simplifying the on-going management of Unified Communications endpoints. This is realised via providing an innovate approach to handling the complete lifecycle of endpoints - from order through to in life management, with comprehensive API exposure for integration with upstream service portals.

  • Order capabilities offer Service Provider and Reseller partners with the ability to fully automate the order process through API integration, removing all the overheads associated with manual ordering.
  • Assessment provides the ability to verify network readiness of an Enterprise customer pre-deployment, ensuring the required access and quality is available to ensure service success.
  • Enablement for UC endpoints includes secure provisioning using a template and profile driven framework, supporting per device and bulk update tasks to be completed.
  • Management functions enable full inventory management of a deployed estate, providing details on status and location, as well as simplified upgrade and recovery capabilities.
  • Assurance capabilities provide Service Provider and Reseller partners with a view of actual service performance from the endpoint perspective, with per device and per group views.

service management