Professional Services

SIPHON offers a suite of consultancy services to provide customers with holistic support for Microsoft Unified Communications Projects. These services are crucial to assist customers in a rapid, sustained adoption of Microsoft UC with long-term operational success. By focusing on organizational readiness, change management and user experience - key factors recognized within large scale & successful Microsoft UC deployments – the implementation of UC will be completed in an optimal and efficient manner.

Our approach is based on the Microsoft RASK (Rollout and Adoption Success Kit) framework to ensure a successful and professional delivery. The package of professional services provided by SIPHON have been specifically designed for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) and Technology Resellers to provide white labelled engineering services for the installation of Microsoft UC into an existing Microsoft IT infrastructure as well as into a “greenfield” environment. These services include the required support for all phases of a project including integration with a 3rd party telephony system or SIP trunking service, as well as the deployment of IP handsets across enterprise locations.