Enhanced Unified Communications

SIPHON offers a range of enhanced business solutions that closely integrate with Hosted UC platforms. Services such as Call Recording & Call Centre can be readily integrated and launched to accompany core UC services.

Call Recording is becoming an increasingly important application for a broad spectrum of businesses - driven by needs such as compliance and quality monitoring. The ability to review and confirm the content of calls after the event, is now being viewed as a major business benefit by those involved in industries as diverse as construction, healthcare, leisure and IT, as well as legal and finance. The solution offered by SIPHON provides full-featured call recording and quality monitoring - allowing users to search, find and categorize recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number or other customer requirements.

Enterprise are now leveraging considerable benefits offered by Cloud based Call Centre solutions - particularly when these are integrated with Hosted UC services. This eliminates the need for considerable capital expenditure, simplifying multi-site call routing, whilst offering improved disaster recovery capabilities. The solution from SIPHON enables Service Providers to take advantage of this growing market by providing key capabilities for agents, supervisors, and customer service managers. The solution seamlessly integrates with Hosted Unified Communications capabilities enabling more flexible customer service solutions when compared to stand-alone call centre solutions that function separately from business communications systems.