Service Assurance

Service Assurance is a solution which enables the deployment of dedicated probes within the enterprise location to perform a comprehensive suite of assessment, verification, diagnostics and monitoring services for VoIP. Data captured by enterprise probes is reported to and accessed from a hosted service, features include:

  • Assessment & Verification capabilities incorporate the testing of LAN and WAN for readiness before shipment of any CPE equipment and VoIP service deployment. This can be particularly useful for example when services are delivered via xDSL access environments, or via a 3rd party.

  • Monitoring includes capturing all relevant call & network traffic, generating reports which summarize network behaviour, network quality & call quality as well as generating notifications when specific jitter & packet loss parameters are met.

  • Diagnostic capabilities which include the option to examine call stream metrics for packets/sec, jitter, packet loss & MOS with the opportunity to drill-down on specific traffic flows at the IP and Port level, as well as discover devices on the LAN.